Antenatal Services


OUR ANC provides women and their families with appropriate information and advice for a healthy pregnancy, safe childbirth, and postnatal recovery, including care of the newborn, promotion of early, exclusive breastfeeding, and assistance with deciding on future pregnancies in order to improve pregnancy outcomes.

The clinics are held daily from Mondays to Saturdays for both new mothers and returnees. We conduct HIV counseling and testing for all new mothers for elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV. All those who test HIV+ are enrolled in care and started on ARVs.

Routine Antenatal care is done by the midwives. Mothers at risk of medical problems in pregnancy e.g Hypertension, Diabetes, previous scars, young mothers etc are screened, and those from hard to live areas, are then referred to the Waiting mothers’ hostel. The mothers’ waiting hostel also provides an opportunity for skilling women during their time of stay to raise money for their sustainability and survival after discharge.

We Provide long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to all mothers on first antenatal visit and,.

Give half-slips to mothers on timely first antenatal attendance