Kanyashogye health center iii


Our goal is to have sustainable healthcare with focus on disease prevention and improving utilization of health services

Kanyashogye HCIII is directly supervised by Bwindi Community Hospital as a satellite clinic to provide services to the underserved communities of Mpungu Sub County. It is located next to Anglican Kanyashogye Church of Uganda and serves an immediate population of 12,300 people who reside within the four Parishes of Mpungu Sub County. Mpungu Sub County lies in the Boarder with Kabale District and is located in Kayashogye cell, muramba Parish, Mpungu Sub County, Kanungu District. It is 47 kms and 1.5 hours’ drive from the nearest general hospital where obstetric services can be offered. The road network is very poor, through the mountainous area of whose longest distance is through Bwindi impenetrable National park.

Currently the health facility provides the following service; outpatient clinic, family planning, immunization, voluntary counselling and testing, antenatal and post natal services, home care visits and delivery services.