Neonatal unit


At BCH we provide specialist care for the smallest and sickest babies, including those that are born prematurely. Our neonatal unit offers the only critical new born care service in a district of 300,000 people, in the last year we have provided lifesaving care to 174 neonates. (34.4%) of the neonates were premature babies between 24 and 33 weeks and 2.8% were babies were born with abnormalities that required specialized surgery.

Our Neonatal Unit is equipped with phototherapy lights, room warmers, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, patient monitors, and equipment for administering nebulized salbutamol to children with asthma flare-ups, as well as portable diagnostic devices. Courtesy of generous support from partners. These have boosted our ability to save sick newborn babies

what we offer

Management of prematurity (incubate, parenteral feeding, Nasal Gastric feeding, Kangaroo mother care).

Management of babies with birth asphyxia.

Management of Neonatal sepsis with antibiotics.

Management of Neonatal jaundice by phototherapy and other supportive care.

Management of congenital abnormalities in infants

Health education to mothers about care for the babies after discharge especially mothers for the premature babies how to do kangaroo care. (Keeping babies warm at home)