Welcome To Bwindi Community Hospital   We treat, God heals

We are a not for profit community hospital under the auspices of the Church of Uganda in the Diocese of Kinkiizi. We offer preventative and curative services to 120,000 people but our specialized services are of nationwide benefit.

Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) has a bed capacity of 135 beds and gets to see about 40000 consultations throughout the year. We offer a number of services that include; Outpatient and Inpatient, Child health, Maternal health, Community health and Batwa, Dental and Eye health care, Diagnostics and Laboratory, Mental health,Chronic Care, Accident and Emergency Services, HIV/AIDS and TB care, Youth friendly services and eQuality health insurance. We are also training the next generation of healthcare professionals at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi and Uganda College of Health Sciences Bwindi.

For the last ten years, BCH has been ranked among the best performing health facilities in Uganda according to the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau.

2011 Stars Foundation(UK) health impact award for Africa and Middle East region for improving child health.

2013 Public Opinion Pear of Africa Life Time Achievement Award for contributing towards attainment of the millennium Development goals.

2014 Mama Alive Initiative Award(Uganda) for improving maternal health in the region.

2017 won Grand Challenge Canada innovation Award for using digital and mobile technology to create an affordable community-rooted community health service for poor remote setting.

2018 won Social Innovation Initiative Award by Makerere University School of Public health for pioneering Mothers Waiting Hostel for safe motherhood in Uganda, as an affordable and sustainable innovation to improve facility delivery.

2018 won an award from UPMB for leading in innovation and use of technology in nursing education in Uganda.

2018 won an award from UPBM for innovatively growing the Community Health Insurance, overall best performer in timely compilation and submission of quality reports and good Monitoring and evaluation practices.

A number of other health facilities from across the country continue coming to learn from Bwindi about innovations and best practices to help improve the care in their region.