Our goal is to ensure that any person with a health problem can access prompt and high quality services including health education and promotion

Outpatient Department (OPD) is made up of different sub departments like dental, eye, orthopedic, emergency unit, nutrition, etc. The Department provides comprehensive health services seven days a week. It is run by a dedicated and passionate team of professional staff who include: 3 medical Clinical Officers, 1 Orthopedic Clinical Officer, 1 Public Health Dental Officer, 1 Registered Nurse, 3 Enrolled Nurses, 1 Dental Assistant, 1 Nursing Assistant, 1 Ophthalmic Assistant, 1 Cleaner.

The department runs with support from Medical Officers, Surgeons, Physician, Pediatrician, Gynecologist and other specialists available at the hospital

Our Routine:

By 8:00am, we are ready to receive any person with a health problem. Having been received and triaged, our patients are given a quick service by any of our Clinicians/Doctors. While the patients await, a health education talk is given on a malaria prevention, HIV and Oral Health. Health Education and sensitisation continues with educational videos at our patient screen in local language.Critically ill patients, referrals in, causalities and all patients requiring emergency care are received in our 3 bed emergency unit for a timely intervention.

Patients who are critically ill and require admission to hospital are always admitted to our clean and full-time in-patient wards.

Our objectives are;

Develop infrastructure to meet OPD needs and to periodically review, evaluate and advocate for those needs.

Maintain highest possible standards of care in OPD that is cost effective.

Improve the quality of emergency services and maintain emergency preparedness.

Improve the quality of care for people with long-term medical conditions through doctor-led guideline assisted care and setting up of specialist clinics.

Improve the ability of OPD to deal with young people.

Provide high quality and efficient dental services.

Improve the quality of palliative care services.

Improve and maintain orthopedic services to manage common orthopedic conditions.

To improve and maintain circumcision services.

Provide high quality and efficient Eye services.

The Problem

The hospital provides health services to a population of about 100,000 people. At OPD, we see close to 40,000 patients each year. The department is always clouded with patients seeking care with a wide range of conditions including Respiratory infections, Malaria, Diarrhea diseases, diabetes/hypertension, HIV/AIDS and a constant flow in of accident and trauma patients.

As a provider of holistic care in a rural, low social-economic area, the hospital has made innovations such as community health insurance to maintain standard care.

However, much is still needed to improve compliance in Chronic care especially for diabetics, Hypertension and pediatric chronic care clients.

Our Services

We have clinics at the Hospital for diabetes, epilepsy and high blood pressure as well as services for dental and eye problems. The most common cases that we see in our outpatient department include HIV, diarrhea and malaria. A doctor or clinical officer sees patients quickly, and while they wait, they get education from our HIV expert patient, malaria prevention nurse or a member of the dental team. If someone is ill enough to require admission to Hospital then we have clean (although overcrowded) wards with 135 beds. We have an x-ray machine, ultrasound scans and a laboratory.

The Hospital has a community health insurance plan that asks all people in the area to contribute $5 per person per year to the cost of their health care, and with this, they pay only a nominal charge each time they use Hospital services. This innovative approach to cost sharing has helped improve access for all people; including the very poorest, and enables everyone to plan and take responsibility for their family health instead fearing the cost of health care and avoiding seeking medical care.

How you can Help

The cost of providing our standard care at OPD is only $5.8 for each person per year. This is a relatively small amount compared to other hospitals in the region.

While we provide this care available to all, most locals still find it hard to keep up with treatment plans especially chronic care patients that require routine checkups and drug refills.

We are looking forward to constructing a spacious and fully equipped Dental and Vision Complex.

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