who we serve
Who We Serve
Bwindi Community Hospital cares for more than 100,000 people living in the South Western corner of Uganda. The Hospital is located twelve hours drive from Kampala, the capital, on poor roads, two kilometres from the Eastern border of the Congo and one kilometre from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Most of the people here are farmers or herders who live without running water and electricity, many walk for hours daily to collect water and firewood, and most families survive on less than $1 a day.

Who we serveIn spite of these difficult living conditions, what we see at Bwindi Community Hospital are people who are proud, caring, strong, and giving - even when it seems that there is nothing left to give. They are determined to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families, and Bwindi Community Hospital gives them the tools to do this by teaching them to be able to look after their health and the health of their fellow community members.

40,000 patients are seen at Bwindi Community Hospital each year.