Six years ago, Bwindi Community Hospital was 95% donor dependent. Today, with deliberate interventions to generate more local revenue, the donor dependency has been reduced to 68%. Currently, our 32% of our US$1 million annual operating budget is now raised from the community local insurance and user-fees (28%) and Government Primary Health Care funds (4%). Raising the remaining 68% remains a big challenge, but with help from our supporters we are moving in the right direction and, to make further progress, we have put up a premium ward which will be available for more well-to-do community members who prefer to have private accommodations while receiving hospital treatment. This idea is as a result of several consultations and demand for such services in the Hospital.

Our financial projections show that revenue from this premium ward will reduce our donor dependence in subsidizing health care for the poorest people in this community. We project generating $ 23,000 per-annum as surplus from this service alone.

The ward will be run economically utilizing the added services of nurse trainees from our nursing training School. The construction is done on the new 8-room ward. The challenge, however, is that we don't have enough funds to furnish the rooms with the necessary equipment which is the reason for this appeal.

We are looking for $30,000 to equip the entire ward. $3,750 furnishes one room. $1,200 has so far been raise.

We are incredibly grateful to Julia Amaral, Mark Strate, and the Kellermann Foundation for funding the construction of the ward. We would also like to thank; Anne, Geoff,Gill and Stephen for donating the money so-far raised towards the equipment.

List of Equipment needed for the ward


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