Goal: A community free from HIV/AIDS and TB transmission and with all infected clients accessing treatment programs in a safe, confidential and friendly environment.

The HIV/TB team is led Dr Owamukamaeli Asaph, a medical officer; together with 4 nurses ,4 counsellors,4 peer educators and 4 linkage facilitators

The team works closely with USAID Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services (USAID-RHITES) and Health workers at lower Health facilities to offer high quality services.

The department conducts regular drama shows, dialogue meetings with different stakeholders and radio talk shows to improve awareness and demand for the services we offer.

We offer HIV testing services (both at the facility and outreaches) with those testing positive enrolled in HIV care as per national guidelines and those testing negative given preventive messages.

We also offer screening and treatment for Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and other HIV related illnesses (opportunistic infections); safe male circumcision and other HIV preventive interventions.

Currently, 1065 clients are enrolled in the HIV/AIDS program and all of them are on  Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) currently on Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), with 89 % of them virally suppressed. sixty-five of these HIV positive clients under 15 years.

We also have a robust PMTCT program with 103 HIV positive mothers currently enrolled under care. We offer ARVS, viral load monitoring, monthly interactions with these mothers in family support groups to address client specific concern and challenges like Gender Based Violence, stigma etc., that might hamper their adherence to medications; as well as Niverapine syrup and monitoring of HIV exposed babies to prevent them from contacting the virus.  Only 2.86% of babies born from the mothers in this program are tested HIV positive over the last year.

Top Achievements:

  • Tested 11194 people for HIV in the last financial year, of those 150 tested positive.
  • Enrolled 90% of the newly identified HIV positive clients on ART ( from 55% in July 2017)
  • Achieved 99% coverage in viral load monitoring, suppression at 89%
  • 100 % of HIV-positive mothers registered in our clinic delivered from health facilities.
  • Only 2.86 % of the babies born under PMTCT program tested positive for HIV. (would be about 30% without our interventions)
  • Conducted 39 Voluntary medical male circumcision camps and circumcised 1752 males
  • Reduced HIV positivity rate among HIV exposed infants from 2,5% to  zero percent
  • Started family support group meetings at Kayonza and Mpungu sub-counties.


  • Surpass the 90,90,90 UNAIDS targets, by ensuring that by 2020 more than 90% of all people living with HIV in our catchment area know their HIV status, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection receive sustained antiretroviral therapy, and 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy attain viral suppression.
  • Reach zero rate of mother to child transmission of HIV.
  • Maintain regular outreaches to key populations such as discordant couples and sex workers.
  • Offering all screening and confirmatory tests for HIV related infections.
  • Maintaining patient support groups to fight stigma and enable members have self-sustaining incomes.
  • Maintain operational research in our department to guide our intervantions.

  Wish list

  1. CD4 machine- for easy monitoring of the immune status of HIV patients
  2. Biosafety cabin to ensure safety of laboratory staffs and patients
  3. Serum CRAG test kits for screening of Cryptococcus, causes a deadly form of meningitis we often see in some of our clients.
  4. Reagents for liver and renal function monitoring for patients on ARVS.
  5. Motorcycle for transport of our staffs for client follow-up in very hard to reach areas.

HIV positive pregnant women who are not on a treatment programme have a 30% chance of transmitting the virus to their unborn child. With our help, less than 1% of mothers transmit HIV to their baby.


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