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This department, which is the principal admission ward for all adults (save for obstetrics cases) , has continued to provide intensive medical management of patient conditions as well as patient education. We aim at provision of the highest quality of services to the patients. The team in this department is led by Dr. Enock Tayebwa, with support from UK volunteer doctors; who greatly strengthen the team.

We have a total of 31 beds, 11 in male wing, 11 in female wing and 9 beds in premium ward.

At least each month averagely we admit 100 to119 patients , however the numbers of patients vary in different seasons especially during camps patients are many and we normally have transfers to other wards. We provide a 24 hour service with a team of seven nurses/nursing assistants, two medical officers and volunteer doctors, and as a team we aspire to provide a high quality service for all our patients. There is comprehensive coverage of disciplines from trauma & orthopedics, internal medicine, general surgery, psychiatry and more.
The common conditions seen include trauma, respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal conditions, sepsis, malaria, mental health problems, diabetes, hypertension and HIV related complications.

The ward hosts and trains nursing students from Bwindi nursing school, other nursing schools in the region, and also medical students from Uganda and all over the world, who learn and experience tropical medicine and the management of disease in a low resource setting. All staff are involved in regular teaching sessions, audits and patient education sessions. We screen and educate all patients admitted for: HIV status, alcohol use, nutrition and family planning needs.

There are many challenges in maintaining such a good service for our patients; we ideally would like increased funding to improve staffing levels so that there are two registered nurses per shift. We also hope for improved equipment including oxygen concentrator, blood pressure monitors, suction machines, cardiac respiratory monitors and more modern hospital beds, increase on the ward space to meet the needs of the growing number of patients admitted here.


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